A warning about the current retrogrades

To all my readers and friends, be forewarned!

There are planets retrograde, (currently there are 2 and a node) one of them being the trickster Mercury… the other the erratic energy of Uranus!
They are having a party here at my house the last couple weeks.
First, a couple weeks ago the computer crashed, then a few days later the heat pump started acting up and has been whining really loud, and vibrating really a lot, shaking half the house. We are just hoping it makes it thru the winter.

Then last night the microwave decided to join the party… FLASH and no more!!

AND just a word of warning, this is NOT just appliances, it is also cars, boats, trains, and YOU!!! Accidents are abundant,  (Uranus)so take extra precautions until the planets start moving forward again…. I will update when I see this happening

So WTF, come on stars, get back on track and stop fucking around! …


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