This is the Pagan “Easter”

Ostara marks the Spring Equinox. This is the Pagan “Easter” – or rather, this is the day that Christians borrowed to be their Easter. It is traditionally the day of equilibrium, neither harsh winter or the merciless summer, and is a time of childish wonder. Painted eggs, baskets of flowers and the like are generally used to decorate the house. It is common to use this time to free yourself from things which hinder progress. As a day of equilibrium, it is a good time to perform self banishings and also perform workings to gain things we have lost, or to gain qualities we wish to have.

The second of the three spring festivals, this Sabbat occurs in mid march when day and night are of equal length. This festival is also of fertility where seeds are blessed for planting soon after.

This beautiful digital scrap kit is full of beautiful, blooming elements to rejuvenate your projects and layouts. It comes with 12 papers and 40 .png elements. You are getting 3 eggs, 3 spring flowers, 2 bows, 2 frames, 2 plants, 2 ribbons, 1 athame, 1 balance, 1 besom, 1 blossom, 1 bright lights, 1 bunny, 1 butterfly, 1 cauldron, 1 chalice, 1 dragonfly, 1 embellishment, 1 flower mask, 1 flower petals, 1 goddess, 1 greenie, 1 hummingbird, 1 leaf scatter, 1 lily, 1 pentagram, 1 potted lily, 1 sparkles, 1 spell book, 1 tag, 1 wand, 1 wedded hearts, and 1 witch hat.

via Digicats (and Dogs).


One thought on “This is the Pagan “Easter”

  1. How did anyone celebrate Ostara?

    To those of you who celebrate a more traditional Easter, I hope your’s is good.

    I no longer celebrate the Christian Easter as I once did respect as a holiday, because my wonderful Dad died that day, in 82….. Some point out that meant he will always be there as if in he will rise metaphor but to me it is just the day I lost him, and no reason to celebrate.


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